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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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corporation. >> i'm not going to say a lot about the building. i think that's been covered. it's great to see everybody here this morning. mr. mayor, you said it well. i'm going to say it again. it's an absolute joy to see you every week at a ground breaking whether it's for a building or hospital or school. he told me recently, we had breakfast and he said that he's adopted the school system. i think the middle school system. i have never seen such a dynamic individuals and i have done business in a lot of cities. one thing i want to ask the mayor is when he's done with this city i would like to take him other places because they need him. he made the comment that maybe i'm a good tech person. i don't have that
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gene like you andel do. when i did this deal, i was the key note speaker in early december or november. one of the women in the audience stood up and said what do you think of cloud computing and would you do business with people in cloud computing? and i said i don't know what it is and i don't think it's somebody i would want to do business with. why did i say that? because we had a confidentiality agreement and there were rumors. with regard to this building, it does en compass everything i love. they have done a fantastic job on this building. great amenities
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and all the things it makes a great wonderful investment. it couldn't have happened without the speed and the support of the mayor. we thank you. of course, to have a transaction which i think was the lease between kilroy and sales force was i believe was 6 or 7 weeks after we bought the land. that's probably the fastest real estate of any magnitude that i have been involved in and it only happened because we had a great team of people. the head of real estate, what a gentlemen, i'm sorry he can't be here. can we have a shovel for george. i want to make sure we get together when he gets back. and to say one thing about the building, i think
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when s and m looked at this property, they came up with an idea to really think the way buildings are built in the world today. someone used vibrant. there is furniture that moves. when we see the display, the large 45 foot by 70 foot display. it's going to be a great community and the share of the time dedicated to public arts and community related events. so that's going to be something as people come off the transbay terminal they are going to immediately connect with what's going on in
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the city. a few other thoughts with regards to san francisco, i do want to thank a few folks. first i would like to thank the design team, craig, the design partner and his team, steve, michael temple, to name just a few. great job, we are very thrilled to be working with you folks and webcor builder who have assured us that not only this project is going to be built on schedule but -- on budget. i'm delighted to hear that. and vice-president cohen, the superintendent, thank you for all of your help in making this a reality. there are two outstanding brokerage teams here in the city that represent
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sales force, and dan harvey and his team and representing kilroy was chris roader and david chert in and dave. they both did a fantastic job of keeping it on track and most importantly i would like to say a huge thank you to george and his company at sales and for believing us and the incredible speed for which this project came together. >>gvl
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(gavel)>> president chiu: good afternoon welcome to the board of supervisors board meeting. take the roll. >> supervisor campos: present >> president chiu: present >> supervisor cohen: present >> supervisor kim: present m1 >> supervisor mar:present